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CIQ for Sales

CommerceIQ Sales and Operations (CIQ Sales) is the first and only solution that uses machine learning and automation to help consumer brands recapture millions of dollars in lost ecommerce revenue by reducing out of stock, reducing unauthorized third-party seller activity, and maintaining healthy product listings.

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Make Faster, More Accurate Decisions

In the world of ecommerce, the digital shelf is controlled by algorithms and constantly changing throughout the day. Brands that rely on spreadsheets and simple rule-based systems can’t keep up and need a new approach or risk losing millions of dollars in lost revenue every year.

CIQ Sales combines key data across pricing, point of sale, market intelligence, supply chain, purchase orders and content, and applies machine learning and automation to improve overall visibility and empower ecommerce teams to make thousands of decisions in near real-time.

Reduce Out of Stock Risk

Running out of stock on Amazon and other ecommerce platforms not only results in lost sales, but also leads to lower sales and keyword rankings that can be difficult and expensive to recover.

CIQ Sales helps brands reduce out of stock by discovering and helping resolve PO discrepancies, identifying and addressing false out of stock, and predicting out of stock based on sales velocity and inventory positions.

Reduce Unauthorized Third-party Activity

Managing unauthorized third-party (3P) sellers can seem like an impossible task for consumer brands. Ecommerce teams spend countless hours reviewing product detail pages and submitting requests to remove unauthorized sellers only to have new, unauthorized sellers quickly reappear.

CIQ Sales eliminates this challenge for brands by constantly monitoring detail pages and comparing against a list of authorized sellers to automatically identify and remove unauthorized third-party (3P) variants and duplicates. Not only does this greatly improve team productivity, but it also helps protect brands while increasing both conversion and total sales.

Maintain Healthy Product Listings

Ecommerce teams also spend a significant amount of time reviewing detail pages to make sure content is current and accurate. For brands that have hundreds or thousands of products, this usually means focusing on just a handful of top products.

CIQ Sales solves this by continuously monitoring detail pages, comparing them to the “source of truth” for content and variation strategy, and automatically submitting cases to correct unauthorized content and variation changes and maintain the integrity of detail pages. This helps protect your brand, drives higher conversion and sales, delivers the best possible shopping experience for your customers, and frees up ecommerce teams so they can spend more time on strategic initiatives.

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