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Leverage AI and machine learning to operate hands-off-the-wheel and maximize your e-commerce outcomes
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In the world of e-commerce sales, the digital shelf is controlled by algorithms that constantly change throughout the day. Relying on manual, siloed processes perfected in the world of brick and mortar simply does not translate. Leveraging machine learning and AI, CIQ Sales helps brands recapture significant lost e-commerce revenue by reducing out of stock, eliminating unauthorized third party seller activity, and maintaining healthy product listings. Working at algorithmic scale and speed, CIQ Sales automates the decision-making process that keeps you winning online.

CommerceIQ Delivers E-Commerce Sales Results

  • 40%
    More incremental sales
  • 20%
    Higher profits
  • 30%
    Reduction in out of stocks

CIQ Sales Lets You Operate Hands-off-the-Wheel

  • 1

    Reduce revenue leakage due to 3P activity like variants or duplicate listings

  • 2

    Monitor digital shelves for content and variant changes

  • 3

    Reduce revenue lost due to out of stock

  • 4

    Proactively detect delayed or erroneous shipments and automate the dispute and receivables process

  • 5

    Ensure optimum content on product pages to capture consumer at the moment of purchase

  • 6

    Organize digital shelves according to shipment parameters, accurate sales forecasts and Purchase Order fulfillment rates

Recommendation engine

Rich with insights, identifies SKUs with significant increases or decreases, where pricing is under pressure, or where third-party sellers are either selling unauthorized product versions or duplicate products. Powerful automations are generated from here, acting as a force multiplier to handle the vast amount of decision-making that is needed to win on e-commerce.

Shipment tracker

Efficiently tracks the status of shipments, allowing you to be proactive in managing delays and shortages. The tool also automatically filters our Purchase Orders (POs) that are reported to have a lesser quantity being received than what was shipped, streamlining prior manual processes and putting you in control.

Content auditor

Continuously monitors all your product detail pages, comparing them to the “single source of truth” for content and variation strategy, and automatically submits cases to correct unauthorized content and variation changes to maintain the integrity of the pages. This helps protect your brand, drives higher conversion and sales, and delivers the best possible shopping experience for your customers, freeing up e-commerce teams to spend more time on strategic initiatives.

Business overview

Goes beyond standard analytics to provide detailed, real-time insights on the correlation and causation between different operational variables, like ordered product sales, shipped revenue, ad spend and more, making this dashboard a critical business management tool.

Excel in the E-commerce World with CIQ Sales

  • Create a retail-aware single source of truth to drive sales and supply chain related recommendations
  • Automate actions at scale to prevent revenue leakage, 3P variant issues, purchase order discrepancies and other e-commerce inefficiencies
  • Augment our ML-driven technology solution with managed services for a complete one-stop-shop solution
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